Audit Stage II

SSM Cert will conduct the second phase audit activity with the aim is to conduct an evaluation of the implementation of the conformity of the established management system, including the effectiveness of the management system implemented by the customer.

Phase II audit activities will and should be carried out at the customer site primarily at the operational location of the customer. Activities for this 2nd stage audit include:

  • Obtain information and evidence of conformity to all applicable standard management system requirements or other normative documents held and carried out by the management of the company;
  • Conducting monitoring, measurement, reporting, and assessment of the performance of the company’s management system compared to key performance targets and objectives, this is in line with expectations in the management system standards or other normative documents that apply within the company;
  • Obtain information on application of management system and management performance of customer related to company’s legality fulfillment;
  • Obtain information on the operational control of customer processes;
  • Obtain information related to the activities of Internal audits and management reviews undertaken by the management of the company;
  • Management’s responsibility for customer policy;

Relationship between normative requirements, policies, targets and performance targets (in accordance with expectations in management system standards or other applicable normative documents), any applicable legal requirements, responsibilities, personnel competencies, operations, procedures, performance data and internal audit findings and conclusion.